Lanai Active Messages, release 0.99 pl 14

LAM for LANAI 4.X boards

I finally got around to a port of LAM to the 4.x boards Not for the meek.

This is the first release of Lanai Active Messages. LAM runs on SBUS based Lanai Boards from Myricom. This release has been tested on a fully configured 32-node system.

Some features of the release include:

Conforms to The Generic Active Message Interface Specification

By popular demand, extends the GAM spec with three calls:
am_request_5(): Send that extra word in a pinch.
am_reply_xfer(): It's back! Reply handlers can now push block data back to the source.

Can exist on the same physical network with Myricom's TCP/IP drivers. (see caveats though).

A user level network mapper will generate automatic routing tables and save them to files.

The old Release for 2.X LANai boards is no longer supported. send mail to if you really want a copy.

Click here to get the source code for the micro-benchmark set only ( 112991 bytes).

Click here to get the source code for the mapper (32865) bytes). Still works with the new LANAi 4.X version.


Although running LAM can co-exist with the DLPI drivers from Myricom, the two cannot inter-operate. The a board running LAM looks like a black hole to the mapper running on a Myricom mcp.

Only one process can use a board at a time. This will get fixed in the next release as well.

Mapping and routing is still a chore, though feasable. This process will be completely automated in the next generation of active messages.

Waking up a thread blocked by am_sleep() in Solaris 2.4 takes about 100 usec. Bummer.



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