Download GLUnix Source Code

Version 1.0a of the GLUnix source code is now available for public release.

The code currently runs on Solaris, versions 2.3-2.6, and has been tested on the SparcStation 10's, 20's, and the UltraSparcs.

The main GLUnix source code is written in C++. The accompanying tools and utilities are written in both C and Perl. Compilation and installation requires GNU versions of the C compiler (gcc) and make program (gmake).

Consider the GLUnix source code to be coverned by the GNU Pulic License.


Nov 5, 1997 Added an installation README and fixed a couple of installation problems.
Oct 30,1997 Initial release

To download a gzip'ed tar file of the source code and utilities (size is 1.8MB), please fill out the form below and click the "Download" button. We will not release this list of names or use it for marketing or anything unpleasant like that -- we just want to know who our user community is.

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Announcements concerning new versions of the GLUnix source release will be made to the glunix-announce mailing list. To join that mailing list, click here to send a request to be added to the mailing list. Make sure the subject of the message contains the single word "Subscribe".