NOW Retreat Archive and Information

NOW Retreat Archive and Information

These presentations reflect works in progress. Please talk to the authors to find the current state of their before distributing any of these results.

NOW Retreat

June 7-9, 1995


Wednesday, June 7

12:00PM Lunch

1:00 Session #1 - Welcome, File System

xFS as a parallel program (Randy Wang)

Self Tuning File Systems (Drew Roselli)

The Berkeley Search Engine (Paul Gauthier)

3:00 Recreation Break

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Session #2 - Platform for NOW

System Performance Measurements (Amin Vahdat)

Implications for: XFS, Network RAM, GLUnix, CAL, Applications (Amin Vahdat, Rich Martin, Michael Dahlin, Eric Anderson, Kim Keeton)

10:00+ Brewing Benchmarks and Gaming Studies

Thursday, June 8

7:30AM Breakfast

8:30 Session #3 - Communications

Myrinet GAM layer (Rich Martin)

GAM Micro-Benchmarks (Chad Yoshikawa)

TAC Spec (Alan Mainwaring)

10:00 Break

10:30 Session #4 - NOW System Issues

System Administration (Eric Anderson)

Kernel data structures (Steve Rodrigues)

Self-organizing Systems (David Culler)

12:00PM Lunch

1:00 Session #5 - Short topics: 8 minute presentations + 4 minute discussions

Application fun - Ray Tracer, MPEG , Barnes-hut (Lok Liu, Cedric Krumbein, Eric Anderson)

"Tertiary" disks (Satoshi Asami)

NOW Databases strategy (Kim Keeton)

Towards Global Process Management (Andrea Dusseau)

Making things work (Tom Anderson)

NI Card (Cedric Krumbein)

2:30 Recreation Break

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Session #6 - Invited Industry Talks

Unet on Fore ATM (Thorsten von Eicken)

Tiger (Bill Bolosky)

Faculty/Staff/Student Roast

Genaration X Grad Students (The Faculty)

10:00+ Brewing Benchmarks and Gaming Studies

Friday, June 9

7:30AM Breakfast

8:30 Session #7 - Open Microphone - 8 minute talks with 4 minutes of Q&A

9:30 Break & Check Out

10:00 Session #8 - Industrial Feedback

Gordon Bell's Comments

Jim Gray's Comments

12:00PM Lunch

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