NOW Retreat Archive and Information

NOW Retreat Archive and Information

These presentations reflect works in progress. Please talk to the authors to find the current state of their before distributing any of these results.

NOW Retreat

June 5-7, 1996

Session #1: Welcome (Chair: Dave Patterson)

NOW: Where we've been and where we are (David Culler)

Summary of Parallel Program Performance (Rich Martin and Amin Vahdat)

Application Performance on Solaris-MC (Remzi Arpaci)

Session #2: Towards Killer Apps (Chair: Mike Dahlin)

NOW-Sort: Experience with Scalable, Parallel, External Sorts (Andrea Dusseau and Remzi Arpaci)

Transparent Access to a NOW (Chad Yoshikawa)

The Inktomi Experience (Eric Brewer)

Session #3: Global Operating System (Chair: Tom Anderson)

SLIC (Doug Ghormly)

System Diagnostic Console and Authenticated Actions (Eric Anderson) Slides (6 MB .ps.gz file)

Turning the Web into a Computer (Amin Vahdat)

Session #4: Communication (Chair: David Culler)

AM Demo (CAL group)

Fast Sockets (Steve Rodrigues)

Session #5: Storage Systems (Chair: Tom Anderson)

Improving LFS performance (Jeanna Neefe and Randy Wang)

File System Tracing (Drew Roselli)

Performance of Tertiary Disk Prototypes (Nisha Talagala and Satoshi Asami)

Session #6: Visitor presentations (Organizer: Dave Patterson)

Presentations from visitors (Klaus Schauser, Bob Horst, Randy Osborne, ...)

Teapot & Murphi: Debugging Distributed Algorithms Teapot example for stache protocol. (Mike Dahlin)


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