NOW Retreat Archive and Information

NOW Retreat Archive and Information

These presentations reflect works in progress. Please talk to the authors to find the current state of their before distributing any of these results.

NOW Retreat

January 10-12, 1996

Wednesday, January 10

4:30 Session #1 - Welcome, Results

UDPAM: Active Messages over UDP (Brent Chun)

Performance Measurements of XFS (Drew Roselli)

Commodity RAID (Nisha Talaga1a)

Implicit Scheduling: An Efficient Distributed Scheduler for Parallel and Sequential Workloads (Andrea Dusseau)

Inktomi Results (Paul Gauthier)

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Session #2 - The NOW Video (producers: Doug Ghormley and Randy Wang)

How Do We Measure Success? (subtitle: Graphs We Will Draw)

How We Measured Success (Chad Yoshikawa)

Measuring Application Performance (Mike Dahlin)

And Now the Hard Part: Putting it All Together at the Same Time (Kim Keeton)

10:00+ Brewing Benchmarks and Gaming Studies

Thursday, January 11

7:30AM Breakfast

8:30 Session #3 - Resource Management

Resource Allocation in NOW: On the Increasing Irrelevance of the CPU (Remzi Arpaci)

The Reorganizing Cleaner: An Example of Self-Management in xFS (Jeanna Neefe)

Managing Active Message Endpoints (Alan Mainwaring)

10:00 Break

10:30 Session #4 - Availability and Robustness

High Availability and Robustness (Doug Ghormley)

Reliability in the NOW: Case Studies (Rich Martin)

Naming Slides (4MB ps file)(Eric Anderson)

Reliable RAM (Randy Wang)

12:00PM Lunch

1:00 Recreation Break

5:00 Session #5 - External Talks

America On-Line as a NOW (Brewster Kahle)

Solaris MC (Ken Shirriff)

Why HIVE and not NOW? (Mendel Rosenblum)

6:00 Dinner

8:00 Session #6 - Putting NOW on the Web

Putting the Web on a NOW (Amin Vahdat)

(Eric Brewer)

Lampoon Session

10:00+ Brewing Benchmarks and Gaming Studies

Friday, January 12

7:30AM Breakfast

8:30 Session #7 - Short Hot Topics

Benchmarking MPI (Lok Tin Liu)

Lessons from xFS: How Can We Do Our Work More Efficiently (Mike Dahlin)

Intelligent RAM (Dave Patterson)

9:30 Break & Check Out

10:00 Session #8 - Industrial Feedback

12:00PM Lunch

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