SANS95 Survey Information

At the 1995 System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) conference, I ran a survey to examine the relationship between people, machines, and service. The raw data for the survey includes both the quantitative and qualitative answers, but not any of the contact information. The input data was analyzed with this script, which is processed by a perl 5 program. I wrote an article (96k .ps) that summarized the results of the survey, and was published in The USENIX Association Newsletter ;login: in the October 1995, Volume 20, Number 5 issue.

The survey as administered can be retrieved as either a postscript, dvi, or latex file. If you choose to answer the survey, please send your results to If you participated in the SANS95 survey, please mention that in your message so I can update your site statistics (assuming you provided an e-mail contact address on your SANS95 survey)

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