Application: The Zoom Project

The Zoom Project is a collaboration between the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the University of California at Berkeley. The goal is to provide a large collection of high resolution images of art work over the web. The storage for the images is provided by a three terabyte storage system being developed by the Computer Science Division. This storage system is being used to host the Art ImageBase of the Fine Arts Museums. This database consists of high quality images of over 70,000 art works.

The museum has images of over 70,000 art works available on their web site. Each image at the site is approximately 30 KB in size. The Tertiary Disk prototype is used to host larger versions of these images. Each image is stored in 3,000 x 2,000 resolution TIFFs (18MB each), PhotoCD format (4.5MB each) and a special layered GridPix format.

The GridPix format is used to serve larger versions of each image from our prototype. GridPix allows users to zoom into and scroll around within an image efficiently by using a tile-based approach. Other versions of the images (TIFF etc.), will be used by other researchers in the Computer Science Division.

We are in the process of converting images to GridPix and making them available to users. They are accessible through the museum's search engine.

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