The Mantis Parallel Debugger

Mantis is a graphical debugger for the Split-C language. Split-C is a parallel extension of C which retains the straightforward translation from source code to executable code necessary for high performance programming of parallel machines. Mantis supports the bulk synchronous and individual node viewpoints which together dominate the design of Split-C programs. Execution can be managed for all nodes as a group or for each node individually. Finally, state and invariants can be checked with a variety of methods, each capable of understanding the abstractions which define Split-C. The graphical interface is simple enough for new users to understand with minimal effort yet powerful enough to allow experienced users to work effectively.

Mantis currently runs on the Thinking Machines Corp. CM-5 and is built using a Tcl/Tk graphical user interface linked to a modified version of the Free Software Foundation's GDB debugger. Mantis made its debut at U. C. Berkeley during the Spring 1994 semester and was used heavily by the parallel computation course.

Available documentation for Mantis includes the following:
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