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High-Performance Networking

  • Managing Concurrent Access for Shared Memory Active Messages.
    To appear in ipps/spdp 98 , Orlando, FL , March, 1998 .
    Steven Lumetta, David E. Culler.

  • Multi-Protocol Active Messages on a Cluster of SMP's.
    To appear in SC'97 , San Jose, California , November, 1997 .
    Steven Lumetta, Alan M. Mainwaring, David E. Culler.

  • System Area Network Mapping.
    To appear in SPAA'97 , Newpoer, Rhode Island , June, 1997 .
    Brent Chun, Alan Mainwaring, Saul Schleimer, Daniel Wilkerson.

  • Effects of Communication Latency, Overhead, and Bandwidth in a Cluster Architecture.
    ISCA 24 , Denver,Co , June, 1997 .
    Richard P. Martin, Amin M. Vahdat, David E. Culler, Thomas E. Anderson.

  • High-Performance Local-Area Communication Using Fast Sockets.
    USENIX '97 , 1997 .
    Steve Rodrigues, Thomas E. Anderson, David E. Culler.

  • LogP Performance Assessment of Fast Network Interfaces.
    IEEE Micro , 1996 .
    David E. Culler, Lok Tin Liu, Richard Martin, Chad Yoshikawa.

  • LogP Quantified: The Case for Low-Overhead Local Area Networks.
    Hot Interconnects III: A Symposium on High Performance Interconnects , 1995 .
    Kimberly K. Keeton, Thomas E. Anderson, David A. Patterson.

  • Evaluation of the Intel Paragon on Active Message Communication.
    Proceedings of Intel Supercomputer Users Group Conference , 1995 .
    Lok T. Liu, David E. Culler.

  • Active Messages: Organization and Applications Programming Interface.
    Technical Document , 1995 .
    Alan M. Mainwaring, David E. Culler.

  • Remote Queues: Exposing Network Queues for Atomicity and Optimization.
    Proceedings of SPAA , 1995 .
    Eric A. Brewer, Frederic T. Chong, Lok T Liu, John Kubiatowicz, Shamik D. Sharma.

  • HPAM: An Active Message Layer for a Network of HP workstations.
    Hot Interconnects , 1994 .
    Richard P. Martin.

  • Measurement of Active Message Performance on the CM-5.
    Technical Report , 1994 .
    Lok T. Liu, David E. Culler.

  • Building TCP/IP Active Messages.
    White Paper , 1994 .
    Lok Tin Liu, Alan Mainwaring, Chad Yoshikawa.

  • The Generic Active Message Interface Specification.
    White Paper , 1994 .
    David E. Culler, Kimberly K. Keeton, Lok Tim Liu, Alan Mainwaring, Rich Martin, Steve Rodrigues, Kristin Wright, Chad Yoshikawa.

Distributed Operating Systems

  • Scheduling with Implicit Information in Distributed Systems.
    1998 SIGMETRICS Conference on the Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems , pages 233-243 , Madison , Wisconsin , June 24-26, 1998 .
    Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau, David E. Culler, Alan Mainwaring.

  • GLUnix: A Global Layer Unix for a Network of Workstations.
    To appear in Software Practice and Experience .
    Douglas P. Ghormley, David Petrou, Steven H. Rodrigues, Amin M. Vahdat, Thomas E. Anderson.

  • Extending Proportional-Share Scheduling to a Network of Workstations.
    To appear in International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'97) , Las Vegas, Nevada , June, 1997 .
    Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau, David E. Culler.

  • Effective Distributed Scheduling of Parallel Workloads.
    SIGMETRICS '96 Conference on Measurement and Modeling , 1996 .
    Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, David E. Culler.

  • TheMagicrouter: An Application of Fast Packet Interposing.
    Submitted to ODFI '96 , 1996 .
    Eric Anderson, David A. Patterson.

  • The Interaction of Parallel and Sequential Workloads on a Network of Workstations.
    SIGMETRICS '95 , 1995 .
    Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau, Amin M. Vahdat, Lok T. Liu, Thomas E. Anderson, David A. Patterson.

  • Efficient, Portable, and Robust Extension of Operating System Functionality.
    UC Berkeley Technical Report CS-94-842 , 1994 .
    Amin M. Vahdat, Douglas P. Ghormley, Thomas E. Anderson.

  • Network RAM.
    White Paper , 1994.
    Alan Mainwaring, Chad Yoshikawa, Kristin Wright.

  • Previous Work in Distributed Operating Systems.
    White Paper , 1995 .
    Kimberly K. Keeton, Steve Rodrigues, Drew Roselli.

Scalable I/O

High-Performance Applications


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