Split-C Installation

Once you've successfully downloaded the Split-C Distribution, you can begin the installation process.(We'll assume that your current working directory is '/research' for the rest of this mini-tutorial)
Unzip and Untar and arrange the downloaded files into a hierarchy as shown below:
Now, execute the script 'splitc_config'. (Make sure the script has execute permissions, i.e. 'chmod 755 splitc_config'.) You will be asked a series of platform-specific questions. One of the more esoteric of these is the question: Where is gcc installed. For the Meiko, this is usually in: /opt/gnu/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-solaris2.4/2.6.3
When the script finishes, it will attempt to compile the active message library (am), the split-c library (libsplit-c), and the split-cc compiler (split-cc). When this is compilete you will be able to test the installation by running one of the example programs

Assuming the compiler was installed in /usr/local/split-c, you'll have to set your SC_ROOT environment variable to this value: setenv SC_ROOT /usr/local/split-c
You'll also have to set your MPL (message passing layer) to the appropriate value (for the Meiko MPL=MEIAM, so do setenv MPL MEIAM).

Building the example program Pi

  • Download the Pi program from the examples page
  • Untar the program
  • cd to the pi directory, and type 'gmake'
  • run the program by typing 'run_me.$MPL', where MPL is explained above.
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