NOW Sponsors


  • ARPA Grant F30602-95-C-0014: System Support for Distributed Supercomputing on a Network of Workstations (NOW)
  • California MICRO Grant. NOW: A High Performance, Integrated Network of Workstations
  • California MICRO Grant. GLUnix: Layered Operating System Support for Network of Workstation
  • California MICRO Grant. Active Messages: Lean Communication Primitives for Parallel Systems
  • National Science Foundation Grant CCR-9257974. NYI-Operating System Support for High Performance Applications and Architectures
  • National Science Foundation Grant PFF-CCR-9253705. PFF-Highly Parallel Architectures

Corporate Sponsors

  • The AT&T Foundation

    The AT&T Foundation

  • Digital Equipment Corporation

    Digital Equipment Corporation

  • Exabyte Corporation

    Exabyte Corporation

  • Hewlett-Packard Company

    Hewlett-Packard Company

  • Informix Software, Inc.

    Informix Software, Inc.

  • Intel Corporation

    Intel Corporation

  • International Business Machines

    International Business Machines

  • Internet Archive

    Internet Archive

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft Corporation

  • Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

    Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

  • Myricom, Inc.

    Myricom, Inc.

  • Siemens Corporation

    Siemens Corporation

  • Sun Microsystems

    Sun Microsystems

  • Synoptics Corporation

    Synoptics Corporation

  • Tandem Corporation

    Tandem Corporation

  • TIBCO, Inc.

    TIBCO, Inc.