What does xFS stand for?

Whatever you want. In 1993, when we were first publishing a paper about our ideas, we needed a name. The "FS" was obvious, but what letter to lead with? SFS (Scalable File System?), WFS (Wide-Area File System?), TFS (Tertiary File System?), MFS (Migrating File System?), FFS (Fast File System, whoops, already taken), ...

While we debated, the drafts said xFS. Anyhow, the "x" stuck; it's a variable, and you can subsitute any value you like when evaluating it.

What about that logo?

Well, we needed a logo, and Randy drew up some abstract shapes, and we chose this one. I think of it as a stylized "x" (as in xFS). Randy says that if you squint right, the three branches can be read as a (very) stylized x, F, and S (use your imagination.) If you want something to tell your grandmother, say that the three bars represent "scalability", "reliability", and "performance" -- the three pillars of xFS (say this in a solemn, resonating voice.)

We've talked about changing the logo (perhaps a picture of a server with a ghostbusters line through it), but Drew hates the current logo, so it's more fun just to keep it.

Drew calls the logo "the dancing Wu Li masters," which is as good an explanation as any.

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